Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Teeth TM

Am I a Candidate for Same Day Teeth TM?

The criteria for Same Day Teeth TMis the same as for conventional dental implants. The best candidates for Same Day Teeth TMare patients who have adequate bone in their jaw, healthy bone and healthy gum tissue.

Patients who present with risk factors such as uncontrolled diabetes, smoking, chemotherapy, and long term steroid use tend to have compromised healing capabilities. However the majority of patients regardless of bone quality or quantity may be favourably treated with the Same Day Teeth TM procedure. Careful assessment of each patient is completed by our specialist team prior to any surgical intervention.

As a result of continued development in diagnostic tools and treatment, predictable success is now possible and achieved in many previously challenging situations. Same Day Teeth TMwill always strive to achieve a bench mark success rate of over 95% and no procedure is undertaken unless this predictability of outcome is able to be achieved.