Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Teeth TM

How Long Is The Same Day Teeth TMHealing Period?

The minimum biological healing time for Same Day Teeth TMor any dental implant placement is 6-8 weeks. In this instance healing refers to the unique ability of the titanium implant to fuse to your bone in a process called osseointegration (“osseo” – bone and “integration” – to fuse to or join). Healing or osseointegration is complete when the titanium implant and bone are virtually inseparable.

For proper healing to occur there needs to be limited and controlled use of your new teeth during this 6-8 week period. Any force that causes even the slightest movement of the implant(s) in the early healing period can result in implant failure.

Patients are therefore required to maintain a soft diet throughout the healing period and must avoid clenching and grinding their teeth. Your dental professional may recommend wearing a plate at night time for additional protection.