Frequently Asked Questions About Same Day Teeth TM

What is Immediate Implant Placement?

Immediate implant placement is an advanced technique which allows for the immediate placement of a dental implant after the extraction or removal of a tooth. It is a one visit simplification of extraction, bone grafting (if needed), connective tissue grafting (if needed) and implant placement.

Traditionally you would first have any irreparable teeth extracted and then you would wait for things to heal. You would then have the implants inserted and again wait for your mouth to heal from the 2nd surgery. Only then are your permanent teeth measured and fitted. This entire process can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months.

In Same Day Teeth TM protocol, the purpose of immediate implant placement is to shorten the time from extraction to restoration for the patient and the restorative dentist.

However it needs to be said that in most cases immediate implant placement is for fibre-reinforced acrylic teeth that may be replaced for more aesthetic and longer lasting teeth. This is done after the healing period and the mouth has completely settled.