Cosimo Petrucci

Cosimo Petrucci

Master Ceramist

Master Ceramist for Q-Lab dental laboratory in Perth, Cosimo is a leading dental ceramist known for his expertise in the craft of dental prosthetics.

Cosimo is an exceptional dental technician with extensive experience in the tooth restoration industry. After graduating as a dental technician in 1985, Cosimo went on to open his own dental laboratory in 1989. He successfully managed the laboratory until 2014, when he relocated to Perth, Australia.

Over his career, Cosimo has shown continual committment to education by staying up-to-date with the latest advances in the dental industry. He has had three articles on CAD CAM techniques published in the Quintessenza Odontotecnica, a leading journal dedicated to innovation across all areas of dental prostheses, implants and management of dental laboratories.